Dr. Francis Kwame Padi
Name: Dr. Francis Kwame Padi
Position: Head, Plant Breeding Division- Chief Research Scientist
Qualification: Bsc. Agriculture, University of Science and Technology; PhD. Biological Sciences, University of East Anglia, UK
Awards: .

Research Interests:
  • Genetic basis of the physiological mechanisms adapting field crops to stress factors; Genotype x environment interaction in crop plants; Use of molecular biology tools for crop improvement.
Membership of Association:
  • African Cocoa Breeding Working Group (Chair, 2011-2013)
Courses Taught:
  • West African Centre for Crop Improvement, Legon: Molecular Genetics & Biotechnology in Plant Breeding (2008-2010)
Selected Research Grants and Awards:
  • 2008: Kirkhouse Trust for "Mapping of Aphid Resistance Loci in two Cowpea Populations" Duration of grant: 6 months Total value: US$17,520.00. Grant Holders: Francis Kusi, Francis K. Padi, Daniel Obeng-Ofori, S. K. Asante.
  • 2006: Export Development Investment Fund (EDIF) of the Government of Ghana for "increase the profitability of groundnut production through increased availability of seed of improved varieties". Duration of grant: 3 years. Total value: US$63,666. Grant holders: Francis K. Padi, IDK Atokple, J. Bapule, V. A. Clottey
  • 2005: The CGIAR Challenge Program on Water and Food (Small Grant 506) for research on "Enhancing water capture for high value vegetable production". Duration of grant: 18 months. Total value: US$65,000. Grant holders: Cecil Osei, Peter Abugah, Francis K. Padi
Selected Publications:
  • Padi, F.K., Domfeh, O., Takrama J., Opoku S.Y. 2013. An evaluation of gains in breeding for resistance to the cocoa swollen shoot virus disease in Ghana. Crop Protection 51: 24 - 31.
  • Padi FK, Adu-Gyamfi P, Akpertey A, Arthur A, Ofori A. 2013. Differential response of cocoa families to field establishment stress. Plant Breeding 132: 229 - 236.
  • Padi FK, Takrama J, Opoku SY, Dadzie AM, Assuah M. 2013. Early stage performance of cocoa clones in relation to their progenitor ortets: implications for large-scale clone selection. Journal of Crop Improvement 27:319-341.
  • Padi FK, Opoku SY, Adomako B, Adu Ampomah Y. 2012. Effectiveness of juvenile tree growth rate as an index for selecting high yielding cocoa families. Scientia Horticulturae139: 14 - 20.
  • Padi FK. 2008. Genotype x environment interaction for yield and reaction to leaf spot infections in groundnut in semiarid West Africa. Euphytica 164: 143 - 161.