Interest in development and utilization of cocoa by-products from fresh pod and farm waste dates back to the inception of the institute. The institute has so far produced the following items:

Products from cocoa pod husk (CPH)
Animal feed

Cocoa pod husks have been processed into animal feed by processes of slicing, partial drying, and pelletizing into granules. The dried pellets are used in animal feed formulations. Feeding trials have been conducted on sheep, pigs and poultry by CRIG in conjunction with the Animal Research Institute (ARI), Accra and University of Science And Technology KNUST, Kumasi.

Nutrient composition of CPH feed on dry basis is as follows:

Crude protein 6.5%
Crude fiber 27%
Ash 8.0%
Ether extract 4.4%
Nitrogen 43.0%
Others 11.1%

Recommended quantities of CPH (on dry weight basis ) for feed formulation are as follows :

Sheep up to 60% optimum is 45%
Pigs up to 32.5% optimum level is 25%
Poultry maximum of 10%  

This is a product from the burnt dry cocoa pod husk. It is the main source of alkali used by the local soap industry for production of Local Soft Soap (Alata Samina) Liquid soap has been developed at CRIG from potash produced from burnt cocoa pod husks.

Medicinal soft soap (Dark Soap)

Potash produced from CPH in addition to cocoa butter, is used to formulate dark soap. This soap which derived its name from its colour, does not only have moisturizing effect on the skin but also has curative powers against all manner of shin rash.

Potash fertilizer

After burning the CPH, the resulting ash can be used as potash fertilizer.